Download Bangla Translated Book Amazonia by James Rollins

Amazonia by James Rollins
Book Name: Amazonia
Writer: James Rollins
Bangla Transator: Rakib Hasan
Publisher: Batighor Prokashoni
Published in September 2014
Cover Desigh: Dillan
Pages: 414
PDF Size: 14.9 MB

Review of the Novel:
An expedition goes into the Amazon jungle for search and never come back. Many years later, one of the lost team comes back from the deep jungle with wondrous physical changes! To discover this mystery, as well as to free the country from the hand of an unknown disease, the US government sent a team deep into the Amazon, where many local people do not dare to enter.

The search team goes into the forest and descends unthinkable disaster. They were deal with the entire curious situation. When they reaches across all barriers in an unknown and unimaginable world where the biggest challenge is to go back alive. Will the investigative team be able to deal with the challenge or like so many others they will be lost in the unexplained mysteries of the Amazon? Readers will find the answer of this question in the current period’s extremely popular adventure-thriller writer and New York Times Bestselling Author James Rollins’s Amazonia.

The story was started in an Iyanomamo tribal’s village in the Amazon jungle. From the forest a Christian clergyman of the village rescued a CIA agent Gerald Clarke in critical condition. But he died before well treatment and creates some pending mystery. When the information reaches in Langley, Virginia, the officials somehow became speechless, because, agent Clarke lost his one hand before the war in Afghanistan. But when he rescues by the tribal village priest, he had his two hands! There were more astonishing things; agent Clarke’s whole body had horror sign of different types of cancer. The disease agent Clarke brought was continued as epidemic to many cities in America.

Authorities can understand, the depths of Amazon is happening something mysterious, something very mysterious.

To solve the mystery with some skilled ranger CIA’s Frank and Kelly was planning an expedition on the Amazon. Botanist Nathan Rand, Dr. Cowie and Manuel with his pet jaguar Tor-Tor joined with them and begins a breathless operation in the world’s most occult Rain Forest Amazon. To destroy every step of the operation, another French scientist Dr. Luis and his witch wife marched toward the Amazon an evil intent. The book Amazonia’s each page turn suspense thorn is uphill.

I think the book is compulsory for any thriller lovers. Familiar with the Amazon’s mysterious yet beautiful biodiversity, various medicinal plants and Iyanomamo people’s impressive culture, the book you must read. There is no comparison of Amazonia to provide different deep thoughts.

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