Download Bangla Translated Book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Bangla Translated Book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
Book Name: The Alchemist
Writer: Paulo Coelho
Bangla Translator: Maksudujjaman Khan
Genre: Allegorical Fiction
Pages: 111
PDF Size: 14.7 MB

What are you worried about the direction of your life? Is depressed? The way of life anything you want to do failure is your partner? Are you can not reach your goals? Leaving up the dark lane on the lighting highway you want to reach your goal? Book lover friends pick up the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Today I’d like to introduce you with the world’s most translated and inspire-able novel ‘The Alchemist’.

It’s a very simple story. The main character of the story of a Andalusian shepherd boy Santiago often see in his dream a little boy say him to looking to the treasury hidden beneath the Egyptian Pyramids. Santiago wants to know interpretation of the dreams of a gypsy. Gypsy tells him to go to Egypt. Also said, it was his goals should be. A mysterious man who claims himself the king of Salem, he said him also to go to Egypt as the gypsy.

Santiago reached Tangier by selling his whole flock of sheep and there he facing thief and be poor. Now he has not have money to go to Egypt. He becomes depressed. He took a job in a shop. He worked for nearly a year and earned enough money to return home and start a business. But at last he was not to go back home, he was going to Egypt.

In the Sahara desert he was introduced with an English man who was going to Al-Phaum to seeking the Alchemist, from whom he will learn the secrets of alchemy. Santiago continued his journey to his goal and he was introduced the 200 years old Alchemist. Is Santiago till to his goal the treasure, the bottom of the pyramid or after introducing the Alchemist will he decide a new goal?

As I said earlier the story is very simple but great writing. People say the author Coelho is the world’s most inspirable writer. In the story metaphor is here and there. By the story of an ordinary cow boy’s journey to the Egypt, the author means that people should not confused to implementation their dream. If you harbour a realistic dream, a goal was set, no matter how difficult the way you must reach the goal. Even if you want to go back into the depressed, you can not go back because then the whole world will devise for you to reach your goals.

The author give another message, we should not stop dreaming. Because he could see that the dream could become reality.

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