Kalapahar by Samaresh Majumdar

KalaPahar by Samaresh Majumdar is a great Bangla history book which is written by Samaresh Majumdar.

Kala Pahar (Black Mountain) was the title of a Muslim general who was the Mughal governor of Bengal and the name of his is Sultan Sulaiman Karrani.

He converts to Islam and after conversion to Islam he took a Muslim name and his previous name was popularly known as Kalapahar.

Great Bangladeshi scholar Ghulam Murshid has said about the figure that Kalapahar is largely fictional and he is the conversion of Rajib Lochan Ray.

The story is a Bangla history story and if you read this book, you will know about the history of Bangladesh. So, download this Bangla book and know the proper history of Bangladesh.

Samaresh Majumdar has written many famous Bengali books and these books are Oishorjo by Samaresh Majumdar/ Kalbela by Samaresh Majumdar/ Kalpurush by Samaresh Majumdar/ Shanti Priyo by Samaresh Majumdar etc.

So, download Bangla history books and get the experience of Bengali literature.

Book Name: Kalapahar
Writer: Samaresh Majumdar
Book Type: Historical Book

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