Download Bangla eBook Aynaghor by Humayun Ahmed

Aynaghor by Humayun Ahmed
Aynaghor is a Bangla Novel written by a very famous Bangladeshi writer Humayun Ahmed. The novel is about a Bangladeshi boy Taher and an Italian girl Lillian’s love story. They live in USA for their study and they meet with each other in Yellow Stone Park. Lillian came here with a tour group for visiting. When she capturing photos in this park with her camera she forget to open the cap of the camera! Taher see this and laughed loudly. :)

After that time, Taher tried to meet with Lillian continuously. At last he successful and they felled in love each other. After some years of their marriage they come in Bangladesh and face some unwanted things in Taher’s village house!

Book Name: Aynaghor.
Author: Humayun Ahmed.
Language: Bangla.
Category: Romantic Novel.
Number of Pages: 74.
PDF File Size: 6.48 MB.

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