Manobi by Humayun Ahmed Bangla Book

Manobi by Humayun Ahmed is one of the great science fiction books of Humayun Ahmed.

Manobi is a science fiction type book and the story of this book is really awesome.

In this book, the main hero is a female and the name of her Ninita. In this story, the word is running by Robot name CCD. This robot controls everything of human to the earth. The men are living at the bottom of the earth because the Gama Ex-ray is falling to the earth surface and this is very harmful for human. Human are living at the bottom of earth at divided by sub town and each town has a mayor.

Mayor is also a computer. If someone feels any problem they just told mayor, it will solve their problem. Anyone anytime can contact with mayor. So, in this science fiction story Humayun Ahmed creates an earth that is running by a computer and there is shock news that a virus is ruining all sub towns.

Now the question is how man will survive now? If you want to discover that question, you have to read this amazing science fiction story Manobi by Humayun Ahmed.

Book Name: Manobi
Writer: Humayun Ahmed

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Remarks: Reading is a good habit and we should try to build it. 

Read book as much as you can and inspire others to read. 
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