Chobi Bananor Golpo by Humayun Ahmed Bangla Book

Chhobi Bananor Golpo by Humayun Ahmed is one of the popular books of Humayun Ahmed. Chhobi Bananor Golpo the meaning of this name is ‘story of making the film.

So, we have understood something from the name of this book and that is how to make the film and how a film was made that is described in this book. The story of this book is also really awesome.

You know, Humayun Ahmed was a great writer in Bangladesh. Humayun Ahmed died recently in 2012. Humayun Ahmed was a great filmmaker. He was made a great, liberation film name 'Aguner Porosmoni'.

The liberation war is the pride and glory of the people of Bangladesh. It will be written unforgettably in the history of Bangladesh. Several movies have been created on the liberation war in the last twenty-five years from 1971. But most of the movies the main theme of the liberation war was absent.

At that point, the great writer and novelist, Humayun Ahmed committed with a dedicated mind to create a film that will have the main theme of our liberation war. So, he also created this film and the name of that film was ‘Aguner Porosmoni’. This film was really a nice film that is created in the liberation war of Bangladesh.

In this book, the author Humayun Ahmed described how he created this book and plotted the story. That means you will know by reading this book the story of how the film was created and what was the problem had to face.

Book Name: Chobi Bananor Golpo
Writer: Humayun Ahmed
File Type: PDF
File Size: 36MB

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