Omega Point by Humayun Ahmed

Omega Point by Humayun Ahmed is a great Science Fiction written & plotted by Humayun Ahmed.

The book which is a Science fiction by Humayun Ahmed is really awesome because the writer Humayun Ahmed was a professor of physics at Dhaka University.

In this book, the story is also good. The main hero of this story is Rafiq. Rafiq is a brilliant boy and he is staying lousing at the home of Ya seen. The student name of Rafiq is Shefali. She is also brilliant.

Shefali and Rafiq love each other but the father’s of Shafali does not agree that relationship. You can say that this a romantic story but I said that it is a science fiction story. Do you what is happened? The next event is the science fiction story.

So, this is really a nice story because there is both romance and science fiction story.

Book Name: Omega Point
Writer: Humayun Ahmed
Book Type: Science Fiction
File Type: PDF
File Size: 11 MB

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