Maddhanya by Humayun Ahmed

Maddhanya by Humayun Ahmed is one of the great Humayun Ahmed books. Books of Humayun Ahmed are very popular in Bangladesh. Humayun Ahmed books became the best seller books in his time.

This book Maddhanya is also a great book. In this book, you will find different types of stories. If you are looking bangle story books pdf you are the right place. From here you can free download Maddhanya as pdf and this Bangla book is now available here.

Humayun Ahmed dedicated this book to his wife Sawan.

The Bangla book named Maddhanya is one of the big books of Humayun Ahmed. In this book, you will get 468 pages. Although the book is huge, the taste is also huge. :D

Humayun Ahmed was a great and popular writer in Bangladesh. Humayun Ahmed died in 2012 and till now he is also popular in Bangladesh.

Book Name:  Maddhanya
Writer:  Humayun Ahmed

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