Jonom Jonom by Humayun Ahmed

Jonom Jonom By Humayun Ahmed
Jonom Jonom by Humayun Ahmed is a great romantic Bangla book by Humayun Ahmed. The story of this book is really awesome. If you read this story, you will find a family who is very poor. But the poorness does not stay a long time in their family. Hiro the elder boy of this family change the family poorness.

Hiro marries a girl name Any who is very conscious about how to run a family well. Hiro marries that girl by love or they get together by love marriage.

The main character of this story is a female whose name is Tanha and she has to face all problems because of responsibility.

So, this Bangla book and Bangla romantic storybook are written by a great writer by Humayun Ahmed.

Humayun Ahmed

He told that at first the name of this novel was Ratri but later he changed it as Jonom Jonom. So, if you read this book, I m sure that you will learn something that is very important for our family life.

Book Name: Jonom Jonom
Writer: Humayun Ahmed
Book Type: Bangla Novel

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