Ele Bele By Humayun Ahmed (Full) Part 1+ Part2

Ele Bele by Humayun Ahmed is a popular book of humorous or witty. This book is really good and if you read this book, you will feel another funny character like Himu.

The meaning of Ele Bele of Bangla is something happen that is not any rules and regulations.

When Humayun Ahmed has written the first part of the Ele Bele, it was not published any place. But the second part was published separately at the different place like a humorous magazine or daily newspaper.

So, this book is a witty and humorous book. This book can change your mind because the writing style of this book is awesome.

Humayun Ahmed is the popular writer in Bangladesh and he achieved many honours from the different type of organizations. You should read a popular writer book for increasing your choosing power.

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Book Name: Ele Bele
Writer: Humayun Ahmed

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Part: 1
Part: 2

Remarks: This book is a nice story book reading this ebook nice Bangla ebook. 
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