Nirbachito 100 Kobita by Mahadeb Saha

The book Nirbachito 100 Kobita is a poem book that has unique creation and this creation has a different poem world. In Bangla poem, there is always remain the emotion style and this style has popularity, touching heart and beauty.

In this book you will find the poet very sad who has got pain and express the emotions of his as pained, meditative. He express his emotions as pained to the natural beauty of our mind and makes our mind soft, cool.

In the book of Nirbachito 100 Kobita the poet continuously express the village, field, past life, the smell of the earth and essence of life. The witting style of the poet Mahadeb Saha is simple and sensitive.

His loves poems come up the beauty of life and emotions of tears of eyes. The main attraction of his poetry is emotional pain and sadness.

Book Name: Nirbachito 100 Kobita
Poet: Mahadeb Saha
Book Type: Bangla Poem

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